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Workbook Basics

There are 3 parts to the Workbook:

Icon Banner

The Workbook creates a visualized graphical user interface, through which real world structures are able to be digitally recreated. The Icon Banner contains a diverse range of Icons representing natural individuals and entities, including companies, partnerships, trusts and foundations. The Icon Banner is to the left of the Workbook.


For CRS purposes each Icon represents a specific dataset. For instance, within the possible range of company Icons are Icons representing Passive NFE, Active NFE as well as Financial Institution (Investment Entity) companies.


Click on the Icon   to access its unique dataset description and detailed CRS classification analysis.

Information Banner

At the right right hand side, you can find the information Banner

Click Icon or the Relationship between elements to view the general information. 

You can also change the circumstances via EVENT and view the changes by LOG.

Element Banner
Structure Board

Structure Board is in the center of the workbook, where structure is created, edited, shared and monitored. 

Workbook Area.png
Infrmation Banner
Structure Board
Workbook Basics

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