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Create a Structure

Create a Structure

There are 3 steps to create a structure:

A : Drag-and-Drop Elements

B : Make Relationship Connections 

C : Review and Edit

A : Drag-and-Drop Elements

In order to (re)create a client structure, simply hold-drag-and-drop relevant elements from the Element Banner. 

1. Select the Element from the Element Banner

2. Drag the Element and drop to the Structure Board

3. Add Name and Tax Residency. 

B : Make Relationship Connections

Once the relevant Element has been dropped into the structure board, you may begin the process of associating each element to the next until the structure is made composite.


1. Select the Element that you'd like to connect the relationship from. 

2. Select the Anchor point from the element and drag the line to the element that you'd like to connect with.

3. Fulfill additional information such as "Relationship Type", "Status" and "Percentage". 

dragndrop elements
C : Review and Edit

You can review and edit the structures on the Information Banner

Make relationship connections
review and edit

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