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Automatic CRS Analysis

Automated CRS Report Analysis

Once a client structure has been created, you may then engage the automated CRS

analysis function. The system will calculate the CRS reporting outcome of the structure,

taking into account factors such as the type of entities used, their various classifications and tax residences.


Automated CRS Reports are divided between “Reportable” and “Non-Reportable”.


Each CRS Report contains a Summary Reportable Status section which confirms the reportable status of an account holder and any controlling persons.


The CRS Report then contains a restatement of the Factual Details of the relevant part of the structure, containing details such as the place of tax residence of an account holder.


The CRS Report then contains a Reporting Analysis which sets out the legal basis on which the account holder and any controlling person is determined reportable or non-reportable (as the case may be).


The CRS Report then ends with a section titled Root Analysis which contains detailed references to each section of the CRS taken into consideration in creating the CRS Report.

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