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The Common Reporting Standard and Mandatory Disclosure Rules 

Fairmont Hotel, Manila, Philippines | Tuesday, 11 September 2018

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By  Zac Lucas 


1. General Overview and Update on the CRS

2. CRS Reporting of Offshore

(a) Bank accounts
(b) Companies

(c) Insurance policies

(d) Trusts

3. CRS Avoidance and New MDRs

(a) MDRs explained

(b) MDRs versus CRS reporting

(c) ‘Promoters’ of CRS avoidance arrangements explained

(d) ‘Service providers’ of CRS avoidance arrangements explained

(e) Retroactive effect of the MDRs from October 2014

(f) Examples of typical CRS avoidance arrangements subject to mandatory disclosure to the tax authority

4. US FATCA Update

5. Update on Offshore Company Beneficial Ownership Registers

 Head of Legal, CENTENAL

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