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Creating a structure

The main aim of a workbook is to build a structure reflecting the wealth structure in real life. A workbook enables you to create a structure with just simple 4 steps. 




Useful information for creating a structure:

  • When you finished the structure, push the button from                                         to                                          , so the log can record all the changes. 

Create a structure on CENTENAL workbook:

  1. Add Element

  2. Add Relationship

  3. Complete Details

  4. Review.

Defination ...

Before we start, let's understand what's in the workbook...

On the left, the banner is called "ICON BANNER" - You can use the Icon Banner to recreate your structure. Each icon contains a drop down description of its CRS regulatory status.

On the right, the banner is called "INFORMATION BANNER" - You can input, edit and review the information regarding to the selected icon or relationship.  

STEP 1 - Add Element

Select the most suitable icon(s) from the ICON BANNER. Drag and drop the icon into the worksheet. 

STEP 2 - Add Relationship

Associate icons to create a relationship by select one icon, pull a line from the dot on the selected icon to the other icon. 

TIPS: The relationship can only be created if the structure can be practically created in a real life practise. For example, you can attach a person to a company with ownership relationship. 

STEP 3 - Complete Details

Fine tune the relationship by choosing 

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