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CRS Expert®
Assessment Guide

Executive Summary

CRS Expert ® provides an integrated end-to-end solution for Financial Institutions subject to reporting obligations under the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS).  


The software provides functionality across each stage of the CRS reporting cycle:


On-boarding | Monitoring | Reporting



A visualized graphical user interface combined with CRS and ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) computational algorithms allow users to take advantage of the following features:


  • Paperless client on-boarding

  • Centralized compliance and data management

  • Automated CRS analysis 

  • Automated UBO analysis

  • Integrated CRS/UBO analysis

  • Centralized CRS/UBO monitoring, including automated change analysis

  • Automated CRS XML conversion  

  • Exportable CRS XML report

CRS Expert ® is designed to confer the following benefits:


  • Reduced time to comply with the CRS

  • Reduced resources required to comply with the CRS    

  • Reduced risk of misreporting CRS data


The purpose of this guide is to help Financial Institutions assess and understand CRS Expert ®.

Zac Lucas

Founder | Head of Legal


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